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The NEW CIM Marketing Leadership Programme (MLP) is designed for senior marketing practitioners wanting to progress their careers to the next level.

‘MLP’ is designed to offer you a fast track route to ‘C ‘Suite Level, drive growth in your business or to equip you for a successful new career as a highly-valued consultant.  And it’s not just about new skills. MLP will give you the confidence to challenge yourself, your employers and your clients to operate at a significantly higher level.

By undertaking this programme, you will:

  • Raise your credibility
  • Build your network of influential contacts
  • Develop your networking, communication, influence and negotiation skills
  • Increase your confidence
  • Be equipped to lead and drive growth in your business

This new programme is a significant departure from the old CIM Postgraduate Diploma. The new Leadership Programme focuses far more on real practical skills rather than the academic theory of old.  The candidates who are signing up for the programme with us are of a remarkably high calibre.  CMOs and even CFOs as well as consultants and highly ambitious marketing managers are enrolling on this exciting new programme.

When CIM advised us last year about MLP, we quickly realised that the traditional Level 7 delivery methods would be out-dated and irrelevant.  It was also apparent that a pure E-Learning approach would be inappropriate for these candidates.  MLP demands a radically new approach, so we went back to the drawing board.

MLP challenges candidates to think differently.  It is not about learning material just to pass an exam.  Instead it is about identifying and applying best practice to the real world.  To achieve this, we recruited a wide spectrum of current industry experts to deliver each course.  The learning experience needed to rich and varied. Candidates would need time to consider and share new approaches.  We replaced traditional classroom-based sessions with dynamic workshops. We also created ‘Accountability Groups’ to ensure candidates maintained momentum throughout the programme.

As marketers at this level lead exceptionally busy and varied lives, we recognised that weekday evening classes would not work.  Candidates also told us the full weekends would create too many compromises, so we settled on Saturday workshops instead.

The research we conducted also revealed that senior marketers were often failing to realise their potential because of a lack of ‘soft skills’.  These marketers shared their concerns about negotiation, impact & influence, presentation and pitching.  So, we decided to incorporate a range of special soft skills workshops into the programme.

The ‘Complete Marketer’ package provides candidates an unrivalled balance of hard and soft skills combined with the kudos of CIM’s top qualification.


Is this right for you?  The Marketing Leadership programme is for senior marketing professionals with the drive and determination to take their careers to the next level.

  • Senior Marketers wanted to develop their strategic skills raise their industry profile
  • Experienced marketers aspiring to (and preparing for) main board status, or wishing to deploy their skills and experience in a consultancy role.
  • Existing Consultants seeking professional recognition and status.
  • CIM Diploma Holders wanting to move up to the pinnacle of CIM qualifications.
  • SME owners wanting to grow their businesses.

To ensure this programme is right for you, please arrange a free career / business consultation with one of our team of experts by calling 0203 176 0572 or emailing

CIM Marketing Leadership Programme - Brexit Challenges

8 Reasons to get onboard:

  1. Be first to market with the top new CIM qualification
  2. Learn to create and implement business transforming strategic plans addressing industry-changing challenges such as Brexit, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Big Data etc.
  3. Learn how to create a more customer focused organisation for long term competitive advantage.
  4. Be the leader of cultural of change in your organisation
  5. Develop your personal brand
  6. Build effective and saleable consultancy propositions
  7. Develop a sound and successful growth plan for yourself and your business
  8. Build your network of top marketers

What next?

To make sure that this programme is right for you either:

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Want to know more about the modules?

The programme consists of four modules – two mandatory and a choice or one of two electives.


  • Contemporary Challenges

    Senior level marketers need to be able to identify the key influences on the future drivers of the organisation and match those with organisational resource to determine future direction.  This module will enable you to evaluate the potential impact of emerging contemporary marketing challenges and apply strategic thinking to develop future strategies.

  • Leading Change –

    A key aspect of a senior marketer’s role is leading and managing change within an organisation. This module will enable you to meet the challenges of change by providing a platform for supporting future responses through harnessing organisational potential and sustainable innovation.

    In addition you will develop an understanding of how the organisation’s assets can be managed to build and sustain a clear market position to guide, support and implement market-led change within an organisation.


  • Consultancy –

    Senior marketers often gain experience across different organisational types and sizes over the course of their career, giving them a detailed insight into a range of marketing related issues and problems. This experience, within the heart of an organisation, can be developed into a consultancy role either within a large organisation linking in with key clients or as an independent consultant within a marketing specialism.

    This module is designed to develop the skills required to build and develop client relationships in either of those scenarios.

  • Managing Business Growth

    Growth is a key driver within any organisation and developing both a structured and creative approach to determining where potential or existing opportunities exist is an essential skill for senior marketing professionals. The size, type and form of the organisation can help or hinder this process so an in depth knowledge of the complexities of the organisation and

    its context is critically important to facilitate decision making at the strategic level.

    This module is designed to enable the marketer starting with a wider view of organisations to focus down onto a speci c area – ideally the one they work in or interact with in their current role, and to facilitate solutions which maximise strategic t.

    It can be also delivered in one of two ways; either speci c to an organisational type, e.g. B2B or SME organisations or as a generic module.

To find out more:

Course Dates, Prices & Booking

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CIM7-MLProg CIM Marketing Leadership Programme London Farringdon 07 Sep – 05 Sep £5,250.00


CIM Marketing Leadership Programme

London Farringdon

07 Sep – 05 Sep

£5,250.00 exc. VAT


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BOOK Now » Available
We could not find any future events in this category. The timetable could be pending an update. Call us on 0800 024 8095 for the latest information.


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