Global Grocery – biggest and best!

The global grocery sector has few rivals when it comes to sheer size, growth rate and appetite…

World’s most successful food exporter:

USA: In 2015 the US exported $128bn of food and drink to the rest of the world…soybeans ($20bn), meat ($17bn), Corn ($9bn)…other popular exports include fish, animal fat, poultry meat and eggs. Canada, Mexico, China, Japan and Germany were the biggest buyers.

The UK’s largest food and drink export product is whisky (£1.7bn)

Biggest supermarket chain:

Walmart: each week 200m customers across 27 countries shop for groceries at Walmart. They’re served by 2.3m staff across more than 11,000 outlets, bringing home revenues to Walmart of $482bn/year. Last year they announced plans for an extra 29 “supercentres” in Canada, another 115 in China and a “minimum” of 240 unspecified international stores by the end of 2017.

Healthiest nation (by life expectancy)

Monaco: fast cars, casinos and cash…residents of this tiny city-state are blessed with the longest life expectancy in the world. With an average life-span of 89.5 years (9 years longer than the UK).

Most plentiful commodity (by weight)

Sugar: Harangued and demonised by the health lobby – sugar cane is still the most heavily produced commodity in the world. Crops of the tropical grass weighed in at 1.9bn tonnes and accounted for 80% of all sugar produced.

Booziest nation on earth

Lithuania: Happily guzzle on average 14 litres of pure alcohol a year. Their tipple of choice is hard spirits, mostly grain vodka…and they are thought to be one of the first places in the world to make this. To try to combat alcohol abuse the government recently passed a law banning sales of booze via forecourts…

Most expensive food (per kg)

Caviar: The world’s most expensive variety is caviar from the Iranian beluga sturgeon. Just 1kg of this “black gold” is regularly sold for £20k a pop

Greediest nation (by calories)

Austria: (forget the USA!), Austrians serve up a daily serving of 3,769 calories, mainly due to a national diet rich in high calorie, hat fat desserts. Sticky apple strudel, Sachertorte (dark chocolate cake) and Topfenpalatschinken (sweet crepes filled with soft cheese and covered in syrup)…are amongst the favourite. However, only 12% of Austrians are clinically obese.

World’s biggest brand

Coke: Even in the world’s most remote spots Coca-Cola is a household name. Over 1.9bn glasses are drunk each day across 200 countries and it has a brand value bigger than any other FMCG firm. Worth $58.5bn, it spent $4bn on advertising last year.

Most self-sufficient

USA: Two-thirds of Americans have never left US soil, they have better access to high quality affordable food than anywhere else in the world and there is a huge public spending on agricultural R&D coupled with political stability.

Biggest sweet tooth (sugar consumed per capita)

USA: the average American indulges in 126g sugar/day (the equivalent of 3 cans of Coke or 6 Mars Bars). That’s more than twice the recommended daily allowance. The UK is ranked 7th on the list with an intake on average of 71g/day.

Most protein (meat) per head

USA: (again) Voracious US appetites for animal protein saw consumption surge to an average of 99.1kg per capita in 2015 – the equivalent of 290 juicy rib eye steaks, 635 grilled pork chops or 660 fried chicken fillets.

World’s fastest growing food market

Nigeria: a burgeoning middle class is set to help Nigeria grow it’s grocery market 85% by 2020 – which would give it a growth rate of 6% (higher than the next in line, India)

Approximately 24 supermarket chains now supply a population of 170million and online is also thriving.