10 Top Tips for writing your Project Management in Marketing assignments!

Here are some top tips for delegates currently tackling their Project Management assignments, from our CIM Diploma Course Level Director, Cheryl Greyson.

  1. Don’t underestimate how long this will take you to write! It’s not just 6,000 words – it’s a whole host of schedules and charts to produce and research to conduct.
  2. Create a template for yourself in Word, populating it with all the elements required by the brief. Write notes in red of what you intend to cover in that section (use your outline plan here), then just fill it in…
  3. Don’t forget the magic triangle marking scheme: Concept, Application, Evaluation and Presentation.
  4. Do some primary research for Task 1 as well as secondary – an interview with a key stakeholder, a short survey on Survey Monkey (under 10 questions are free), a quick poll on the staff intranet…
  5. Make sure your assignment fits one of the contexts and make it really clear throughout the assignment that you are adhering to that context. Surprisingly, some students start writing the draft and halfway through forget that it’s supposed to be about either the marketing mix or the digital marketing information system!
  6. Read the questions carefully and ensure you’ve answered them fully… consider what command words are used (identify, summarise, critically analyse, etc)? Have you created a ‘programme of activity’ in Task Three?
  7. Read widely… look at a range of project management texts (from the library/TMF/work) and read articles online, particularly for Task Three looking at the culture of risk management. Use industry specific references if you can to show why risk management is crucial for management accountancies or the pharmaceutical industry, etc.
  8. Create a detailed and robust cost benefit analysis drawing on the theory you learnt in Managing Marketing. Think creatively how you could calculate the potential benefits.
  9. Don’t fall foul of the word count!
  10. There is a pain barrier with this assignment. We often have a few wobbles in the last class or students arriving very confused and exhausted to their tutorials, however, once the outline plan is done and the research is being collated… it does all click into place (promise, we’ve been doing this for a while!).

Whatever you do, don’t waste time being confused, your tutor will be glad to nudge you back on track. Good luck!


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