Why should CIM Marketers study the MRS Advanced Certificate in Market Research?

Once your CIM Professional Diploma is complete, you may be swearing off education for life, gearing up for the Digital Diploma or just having a little break? What you may not have thought about is studying for a market research qualification. Well, let me introduce you to the ultimate short course that will fill in your skills gaps, prepare you for a senior position and look amazing on your personal profile. Even better, it only takes 3 months!
The Market Research Society’s Advanced Certificate is the only research qualification that is recognised by employers. The syllabus content is quite similar to the CIM Certificate module in market research and information, but is more related to real-life use of research. Although the subject matter might sound dry, it’s anything but. We talk about running focus groups, social research, online techniques, how to write the perfect survey, and the latest advances in technology to measure consumers brain waves, body temperature and heart rate and find out what that tells you about their connection to brands.
With marketers working in smaller teams and with reduced budgets, learning how to commission a research agency, write a great brief to give you research that will reap a return on investment, and how to conduct your own research and analyse the results, will put you ahead of the pack when it comes to moving up the career ladder.
So what could you be signing up for?

*A short course where you will meet and learn from lovely people from all walks of the research industry: from client side, to research agencies, panel providers, research equipment manufacturers, charities and county councils.

*An assignment that is based on a research problem of your choice asking you to create a brief and a responding proposal: previous assignments have looked at increasing revenue for Spurs, finding out why men use prostitutes near the Olympic Games site, food testing new varieties of mayonnaise, optimising store layout for Tesco, finding out what relationship advice to give to soldiers, and so on.

*An exam with a case study scenario and a choice of two questions out of six which is much nicer than any exam CIM has thrown at you AND has a good pass rate.

If this has whet your appetite for something a little different, come along to our Q&A webinar at 6pm on Thursday 3rd April 2014 to find out more, or drop us a line!
 Our evening Spring MRS Advanced Certificate programme begins on Tuesday 22nd April 2014 at our London West End venue.
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Quentin Crowe

Quentin Crowe

Managing Director & Founder of The Marketers’ Forum. Quentin has over 20 year marketing experience in the insurance, sports and education sectors. He has taught every level of CIM since 2002 as well as being a visiting lecturer at Greenwich University. He worked in the Lloyd’s of London insurance market for 13 years before setting up his own consultancy business in 2000.

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