Outstanding CIM & CAM Results!

  1. Great CIM and CAM Resulits for The Marketers' Forum Students

At The Marketers’ Forum, we have been waiting with baited breath for the CIM results, particularly for the new syllabus, which are announced today.   Well, it was worth the wait…. they are fantastic and we all very proud! On our part time courses, we achieved outstanding results on the following modules:

  • Marketing Principles (Foundation) 100%
  • Marketing (Certificate) 97%
  • Digital Marketing (Certificate) 100%
  • Strategic Marketing (Diploma) 100%
  • Digital Strategy (Diploma) 100%

Success was not just confined to the new CIM syllabus! We are delighted with the results for the old syllabus too! Again 100% pass rates on:

  • Marketing Essentials (Certificate)
  • Assessing the Marketing Environment (Certificate)
  • Stakeholder Marketing (Certificate)
  • Project Management in Marketing (Diploma)
  • Emerging Themes (Postgraduate)

CAM results were great too, on the following modules:

  • Marketing and Consumer Behaviour 100%
  • Digital Marketing Essentials 93%
  • Direct Marketing & Sales Promotion 100%

So, congratulations to our delegates – it’s time to celebrate over the weekend – you deserve it!

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Carl Jones

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