July 2015

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  • Professional writing skills

    Why does the way you write matter?

    You’re taking a qualification. You have to write an assignment or sit an exam. Surely all that matters is that you know your topic, right? Wrong. The way that you write something is almost as important as knowing the marketing theory, evaluating it and applying it to a company as you answer the question. This […]

  • Whither “Sales”

    The publication of the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s (CIM’s) “Marketing and sales fusion” paper (Thorp, 2012) may provide a catalyst for a sensible and strategic discussion of the role of “sales” within the UK business community and, in particular, the relationship of this key customer facing function with marketing. It certainly should do as it […]

  • IT “technogility”

    The Agile Organisation

    The external environment Research from Morgan Stanley suggests that this year sales of smartphones and tablet PCs will outstrip the combined sales of laptops and PCs. Around 650m handsets will be shipped globally in 2011- nearly one for every 10 people on the planet. This, combined with the phenomenal growth of social media (will Facebook […]

  • Students regret university - prefer starting career in marketing

    New research provides a stark warning to universities

    A research report of 100 HR managers and 100 marketing managers commissioned by The Marketers’ Forum found that 53% of participants agreed that entrants to the job market would be better or equally well off pursuing professional qualifications and work experience rather than going to university to pursue a degree in an academic subject. Moreover, […]

  • What is marketing

    What Is (& Isn’t) Marketing?

    Malcolm Johnston writes….. Marketing is like an iceberg, where a small proportion of the output from analysis and planning is visible to all and that visible bit is known to marketers as the promotional mix. Yet, maybe because this element (which includes PR, direct mail and advertising) tends to be the most expensive bit of […]

  • Beware Complacency In The Boom Times

    Last night I spoke at Pitch Perfect Club about my rediscovery of cycling. Middle-aged men in lycra (Mamils) as we are known are happy to spend ridiculous amounts of our disposable income indulging our new obsession. Mamils are helping the bike industry BOOM, but the industry (with a few notable exceptions) is still stuck in […]