The building block wars, Lego movies, social media and general marketing superiority!

  1. Lego movies, social media and general marketing superiority!

As a child I had a small set of Lego bricks which provided many happy hours of play. Hmmm fond memories… and Lego lives on, stronger than ever. Parents love it, kids love it, my kids adore it! I’ve gone a bit Duplo mad for my little ones and we are now surrounded by Dulpo kits, lego kits, so much so, we need some serious storage for all that satisfyingly bobbly plastic..

BUT what is their secret, how has Lego continued to gain market share in a declining toy market AND a keep a dominant position against all the wannabee’s? This blog is way too short to examine their entire killer marketing strategy but for me a couple of things stand out…

Mattel with declining shares is now head on to Lego with the acquisition of Megablocks and Hasbros’ KRE-O too are trying hard to compete. Their buying power means they can license and immortalise into blocks poplar brands like Thomas the Tank Engine, Power Rangers and Transformers. Que an army of mini Autobots with pester power …

BUT competitor’s product quality just is not the same. Read the reviews on Amazon and you’ll see that KRE-O and Megablocks well they just aren’t ‘sticky’ enough. Models fall apart in little hands! In the Secret World of Lego (watch it on You Tube) behind the scenes at HQ we witness the amazing product quality standards. Lego allow only a tiny 0.x margin of error in block sizes and ditch any blocks that don’t come up to scratch … It’s such good quality that there is a massive 2nd hand brick market, sold by the kg on ebay. You cannot destroy them – they’ll last for 30 years if looked after.

Point 2: Lego has fully embraced it’s Social platforms and uses them well with great content and real engagement; demonstrated by 290k+ Twitter followers, 10million likes on Facebook and nearly a million You tube subscribers. Their 14,000+ followers on the official Pinterest Page share their lego creations..

Next point, have you ever watched a 2 hour long commercial? Well if you saw the Lego movie you certainly did and most likely loved it! Making $69.1 million in its opening weekend, the movie received more than 276,000 Twitter mentions in the first 7 days. Big points to the scriptwriters or Ad agency? The movie was on point to Lego’s mission to:

‘Inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow’

Lego’s ultimate purpose is to inspire and develop children to think creatively, reason systematically and release their potential to shape their own future – experiencing the endless human possibility.

Well the pieces are getting smaller but no doubt there are still endless possibilities…

We may come back to this when more details of the Movie sequel are revealed and In the meantime happy building!

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