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Annie Dawson, TMF tutor writes……..

Twitter – we all use it and we all know that its character limited…140 to be precise. Did you know that it’s planning to change this? Twitter is considering a move to 10,000 characters – that is some step change!

It’s even got a project name for the potential move; “Beyond 140”, and it will happen in the next few months. However Twitter does not think that the move from 140 characters to 10,000 will change or disrupt users too much…I’m not so sure.

Twitter says it will continue to show the 140 character tweet but add the ability for users to expand it if they want to. The design aspect of the new Tweet will be the key to success, I believe Twitter are looking to be able to add more content without disrupting the way we consume Tweets currently…knowing that the longer it takes you to consume a Tweet the less you’ll be engaging with.

I love Twitter, and I love the fact that its character limited. It forces you to think about what you want to say and how you want to say it. It’s a great platform, real time marketing channel. It gives brands/Companies the opportunity to engage with their customers and provides a platform for the essence and personality of the brand to shine.

Tweets – you know where you are with them. You know your engagement time will be seconds…not minutes, a quick soundbite, an interesting tip, something funny. If you give people 10,000 characters they will use them…and we’ll lose the essence of the soundbite.

I think one of the reasons for extending the character limit is that Twitter needs a boost on search engines, which this idea should give them, however won’t it also mean that we’re less likely to publish links to external websites, so that would diminish, which could impact websites that rely on ad income?

Hopefully the change won’t happen too quickly, or the take up will be slow.

Let’s preserve the spirit and idea of the quick conversation and put our efforts into providing relevant, valuable and entertaining content.


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Morag Foudy

Morag, who has worked for TMF in a number of roles since 2004, is our Head of Professional Courses. Her focus is on new product development, such as the course design for the new CIM qualifications, as well as communications for all our different audiences.

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