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Carl Jones, TMF Operations Manager writes……….

Americans have always been well renowned for incredible customer service making us Brits feel a bit uncomfortable at times. We like to pay and go rather than being asked, ‘did anyone in store serve you today sir?’ and ‘do you have everything you need’? We might even decline any offer of help from a sales assistance rather than have to enter into a dialogue, ‘I’m fine thanks, just looking’.

J Crew, Michelle Obama’s favourite US fashion store entered the UK market in 2013, after a few stumbles especially with prices which were reportedly considerably more than in the US, it has now positioned itself as an upmarket quintessential US brand.

Prices can be steep but the quality is there. I find I can only afford J Crew in the sales when I want to stock up on quality essentials and accessories.

I recently purchased a cashmere scarf and shirt online which seemed to be shipped from the US so took a little while longer than expected, my only gripe here. Excited by my delivery I opened up the scarf and oooohed at the softness of the cashmere. Next was the shirt with its secret soft wash. Upon closer inspection the shirt had no tags and a ripped sleeve! I couldn’t work out if it was supposed to be distressed by the secret wash?! Ripped jeans were big in the 80’s but had they come back in the style of ripped shirts?!

Encouraged by a colleague to call J Crew customer service and ‘give ’em what for’, I was ready to fight my corner! After briefly explaining the situation I received the most incredible customer service that went above and beyond.

A full refund was initiated straight away by customer services for the damaged shirt, expressing real concern for how it had arrived in such poor condition. The advisor assuring me that this shouldn’t have happened and highly unusual. I have never been offered a full refund until damaged goods have been returned and received by the retailer.

The shirt was out of stock so couldn’t send a replacement but I was offered 30% off any other shirt which I could choose there and then or wait and call back later, a note had been put on my account.

I was lost for words at the slick customer service and asked how I should return the damaged shirt, the advisor was again apologetic and expressed that it would be a further inconvenience to me to return and to simply throw away the damaged garment.

Amazing and unexpected customer service….. can’t wait for the J Crew Summer sales!



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