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I nearly got barred from Aldi!

Carl Jones, TMF Operations Manager, writes……..

I love Aldi. The exotic foods I can try out at a bargin price; Ostrich steaks, Kangaroo fillets, the world is literally your oyster! Aldi has won endless taste tests, famously beating Fortnum and Mason. Which, Grocer Magazine and Good Housekeeping can’t praise enough the stores quality food products and innovative ranges.

However, it can all go horribly wrong with poor customer service. Ironically not directly by Aldi but the security staff it employes. Cycling home on my trusted Brompton folding bike I decided to pop into my local Aldi store to grab some food for dinner. Half way up the isle I can hear the bellowing voice of security shouting aggressively at me to get back. The burly security chap then decides to corner me and insist I put by bike at the front of the store. I explain that it’s a folding bike which I can easily carry and do not want to risk leaving the bike unlocked and unattended.

I was in so many words told to leave the store or cashiers would be instructed to not serve me! I held my ground, picked up a few items and paid.

Feeling a little shaken up I called Aldi customer services and asked what their policy was for folding bikes. The very polite and attentive Sarah informed me that Aldi have no specific policy but it’s certainly not an issue to carry a folding bike in store. She even Googled to see what a Brompton bike was and looked like.

I was offered a sincere apology and assured that I should not have been spoken to in this manner. Sarah called the local store manager to explain the situation who promptly called me back with an apology and reassurance that security would be addressed and measures put in place. Finally ending the call with the offer of a free bottle of wine when I next visit the store. I felt looked after, reassured and happy with the outcome. Thanks Aldi!

However, it poses a real dilema for brands that outsource some of it’s services. Brands often struggle to maintain standards when outsourcing some of its services. The customer always regards the failings to the Brand not the outsourcing company they have used. The once, could do no wrong John Lewis have recently been slammed for slipping standards on it’s online delivery service. The store has outsourced to an external distributer who have not met JL’s customer service levels. It’s a tricky one.

I’m pleased with Aldi’s response and look forward to trying their Wagyu steaks at a knock down price when next in store!



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Morag Foudy

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