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Avril Shares Her Recipe For Success….

Courtesy of Trevor Gallop, TMF tutor, Avril  Shares Her Recipe For Success….

The end of one financial year, and the start of another is always a time for reflection, review and, as we ease ourselves into the 2016 / 17 fiscal year, REVITALISATION!

In this article by Avril D’Poisson, marketing consultant and personal coach to a broad portfolio of senior players of the corporate game, we learn how we can use our marketing skills to further our own careers.   Avril explains….

As marketers are we missing a trick? 

Should we not apply the techniques from our marketers’ toolbox to the ways we promote the marketing of ourselves?

Of course we should!

That’s why I (Avril D’Poisson) have developed my “New Who? It’s You… Yes, You!”,  Personal Branding Development Methodology”™, based on well established, and widely understood, marketing principles.  This methodology will help you enhance your personal brand.

Let me give you an example of the insights standard marketing models can give us when we apply them to our own lives.  The AIDA model (believed to have been developed in the USA by E. St. Elmo Lewis) is standard marketers’ dogma.  But has it occurred to you that the Attention, Interest, Desire, Action mantra is the recipe for a perfect Friday night out on the town?

Do be a DRIP! (Drip is one of a bucket load of theories from Fill, and one which gives us a modus operandi, whether we are going out for a job, out on a limb, or out on the pull.)  If you can D – Differentiate, R – Reinforce and I – Inform, projecting the right messages, with appropriate Frequency, generating the optimal levels of Opportunity To See, you are guaranteed to be well positioned for a vigorous, successful and satisfying “P” (Pursuade).

So, is your personal brands’ current positioning in your Personal Product Lifecycle (a theory developed by Raymond Vernon) causing you to attract “Laggards” when you yearn to be surrounded by admiring, exciting, charismatic, “Early Adopters”?

Then Refresh and Renew your “You Brand”.

Now some of you may have concerns that following this approach will require you to breach the ASA’s mantra instructing you to ensure your promotion is Legal, Decent, Honest and Truthful.  My advice is to take your steer from Catherine “Am I bovvered?” Tate.  You will, by adopting my approach, be constructively and proactively moving your personal project forward.  You will be doing what Tim Smit, the man behind the Eden Project, describes as, “lying – or rather, the telling of future truths”.

Marketing can change lives. Change yours tomorrow by applying my unique, life power tool of the “New Who? It’s You… Yes, You!”,  Personal Branding Development Methodology”™.

Good Luck!”

Avril D’Poisson

Marketing and Management Consultant to the great and the good!


PS – Please Note: The Marketer’s Forum does not endorse, or even deem credible, the claims associated with Avril D’Poisson, as articulated in this article. 





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Morag Foudy

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