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Top Tips for 100% Success!

Ann Prayle, TMF Course Level Director for CIM Certificate in Professional Marketing, writes……..

I am delighted that, once again, candidates undertaking the Certificate in Professional Marketing have achieved outstanding results.  One of my previous candidates last year was the first ever at TMF to achieve a 100% score in the Marketing exam and, since then, we have consistently out-performed the market.

In preparation for my next batch of high scores, here are my Top Three Tips for Terrific Totals (did you see what I did there… 😉 ):-

  1. Take Ownership – of your time and your journey:  As clichéd as that might sound, candidates who do particularly well in professional exams and assignments show they are self-starters who take responsibility for their studying and fully utilise all the resources that are available to them.
  1. Start Early and don’t Stop (or worse, give up!) : plan for the fact that your life is going to be busy for a short time.  Taking professional exams/assignments is a commitment from the outset and there are other things going on around you, but leaving revision or assignment writing to the last minute rarely works.  If you are struggling with something, ask your tutor early for help to ensure your plan stays on course.  Have contingency plans for everything else going on around you and give your studies the priority they need.  It will be over soon.
  1. Be Professional – it’s not university life in more ways than one!  Not only taking into account what I have written above, your style of writing is important too.  Whilst this doesn’t apply to the Certificate’s “Marketing” exam (as it’s multiple-choice questions) crafting assignments and exam answers (in other levels) requires a business style approach.  Get to the point, show understanding with examples and include evaluation where you can (especially if asked to in the question).  Use the opportunity you have for tutor feedback wisely by giving complete drafts in on time.  The CIM examiner is your boss and your writing and commitment should reflect that.

Good luck!



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Morag Foudy

Morag Foudy

Morag, who has worked for TMF in a number of roles since 2004, is our Head of Professional Courses. Her focus is on new product development, such as the course design for the new CIM qualifications, as well as communications for all our different audiences.

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