7 reasons why CIM’s new Marketing Leadership Programme is a game changer

Last week CIM launched the new Marketing Leadership Programme (MLP).  Having worked with CIM as a student, lecturer and accredited study centre owner, I believe this is one of the most significant developments in CIM’s recent history. Here’s why….

1       Credibility

CIM have reached out to industry to inform the content and structure of the MLP programme.  This addresses one of the key criticisms of the old Postgraduate qualification which suffered from the perception of being too academic in content and assessment.

More specifically, CIM have embraced the growing demands of B2B, Charity and SME marketers. Often these marketers suffer from being under-valued by their organisations and industries.  This new qualification will provide the much-needed credibility that these marketers crave.

2       Content relevance

Marketers currently face many challenges from Brexit to Augmented Reality, Big Data to ‘Micro-generation’ gaps.  Of course, with change comes opportunity, especially for ambitious marketers.

The new syllabus is extensive to say the least. To assess candidates’ understanding of the syllabus, CIM will continue to use work-based assignments.  This means candidates will apply their new knowledge and skills to a chosen organisation. Employers have frequently told us how valuable they find this.

3       Personal Branding

The Consultancy module includes a specific section on Personal Branding.  You will learn how to position yourself as a subject expert and to raise your profile.

Furthermore, the first mandatory module, ‘Contemporary Challenges’ requires candidates to think deeply about the game-changing megatrends facing their industries.  As part of the programme, candidates will be encouraged to write blogs, journal articles and reports, ultimately positioning themselves as industry experts.

In the long term MLP will enhance the reputations of individual marketers as well as the perception of the marketing profession.

4       Career development

This credibility will encourage candidates to progress from the CIM Diploma.  We also believe MLP will have significant appeal to senior marketers who have not studied the lower level CIM qualifications, but have the experience to jump in at the highest level.

The new programme will help marketers progress their careers either to prepare for ‘C’ suite or to set up as consultants.

5       Pinnacle of CIM qualifications

As the replacement to CIM’s Chartered Postgraduate Diploma, this new programme sits at the top of CIM’s suite of qualifications.  As the flagship qualification, it will act as a target for any serious marketers to aspire to.

Ultimately, we believe that CIM should be able to set the Industry standard for senior marketers and consultants.  Who knows if CIM manage their reputation effectively, MLP could become the Marketers’ ‘Licence to trade’.

6       The Digital bubble

CIM were by their own admission late to market with digital qualifications.  They have of course since caught up, but we now believe the market has changed in their favour.  There was a time when digital marketing was seen as a replacement for traditional marketing. As a consequence, a raft of new digital marketing qualifications, bodies and institutes emerged.   However, many digital specialists have realised that they need to understand traditional marketing concepts such as customer behaviour, planning processes and even good old direct mail.  As such, CIM has the opportunity to reclaim the high ground.

7       Consultancy & economic change

We also believe that MLP will have particular relevance when the next economic downturn raises its ugly head.  If history repeats itself, there is a likelihood that marketing departments will be trimmed, leaving many senior marketers having to set up as consultants.

As MLP is modular, candidates can achieve ‘awards’ for each course.  We expect that the Consultancy module will be particularly attractive to senior marketers who want to become consultants either by design or force of circumstance.

A Final cautionary note

However, there is a danger for Accredited Study Centres (ASCs) to revert to traditional delivery methods, simply because they are familiar and comfortable.  Successful delivery of MLP will demand that ASCs are more than just CIM ‘exam-factories’.  Passing the qualification is the hygiene factor.  The real value of MLP will be to empower marketers through the practical and soft skills necessary implement the new knowledge.

The challenge for ASC’s will be to ensure the delivery team have sufficient industry expertise to provide insight and guidance for their candidates.  Furthermore, ASCs will need to ensure they deliver the practical skills as well as the knowledge.  In fact, those soft skills like impact, influence and negotiation will be just as important as technical knowledge.


What next?

To find out for yourself, why not attend a free MLP Taster Session Open Evening by clicking here.

Alternatively, download a prospectus today.

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Quentin Crowe

Quentin Crowe

Managing Director & Founder of The Marketers’ Forum. Quentin has over 20 year marketing experience in the insurance, sports and education sectors. He has taught every level of CIM since 2002 as well as being a visiting lecturer at Greenwich University. He worked in the Lloyd’s of London insurance market for 13 years before setting up his own consultancy business in 2000.

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