Break Into Marketing Programme

Are you ready to kickstart your career in marketing, but don’t know where to begin? Are you overwhelmed by the different sectors? Do you feel like your skills aren’t relevant? Do you feel like you’ll never get the job you want because the competition is too strong? Are you lost in a world of recruiters and applications and feeling like you can’t win? 

The Marketers’ Forum has developed BIMP, a new programme designed to help you kickstart your marketing career!

In 14 years of guiding marketers of all levels to the next stages of their careers, we’ve realised that there are 3 main issues that hold marketers back:

  1. A lack of skills and experience – often people know that they want to get into marketing, but don’t have the fundamental skills required to thrive in a role of this kind.

  2. A lack of credibility – many aspiring marketers don’t have an impressive CV, a convincing online presence, or a relevant qualification that proves to hiring managers their credibility as a marketer.

  3. A lack of a realistic plan – without a plan that can be seen through to the end, prospective marketers end up disgruntled, and in roles that don’t meet their career goals.


BIMP shows you how to overcome these issues by:

  1. Giving you the credibility of a good CV, a strong online presence, and if you choose, a professional qualification.

  2. Giving you the technical skills and knowledge that are highly valued by employers and recruiters.

  3. Giving you the guidance you’ll need to create and execute a plan that works.


So, what exactly is BIMP?

BIMP is an exciting combination of workshops, masterclasses, individual coaching sessions, events, webinars, e-learning resources, and an optional qualification that all come together to make you the ideal candidate for your first marketing roles!

Have a look through the tabs below to see what BIMP has to offer.

The Workshops

It’s Time to Learn

The 3 BIMP workshops focus on 3 core elements of marketing – this is where you learn those technical skills we mentioned earlier!

Each workshop is a dynamic, one-day bootcamp, that cuts out all of the waffle of your traditional classroom, and gets down to business! You’ll leave each workshop having learned incredibly useful information, in a fun, engaging way, which will allow you to start applying your new skills immediately.

The 1:1 Coaching Sessions

Planning is Key

We strongly believe that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. In these one to one sessions one of our expert marketing tutors will become your personal career coach, and help you plan the steps you need to take to reach your career goals. In these sessions, your career coach can get to know you and your needs, and give you the advice and guidance that they can see will help you the most.

Everyone who follows BIMP+ or ULTIMATE BIMP will begin their journey with a career coaching session – this will allow you to start out with a plan, and get the absolute most you can get out of the entirety of the array of BIMP events, workshops, and masterclasses you’ll attend.

Your career coach will listen to your personal goals, and help you turn them into reality.

The Masterclasses

Become an All-Rounder 

The BIMP masterclasses are half-day events, that focus on the soft skills. We believe the skills that go beyond the technical can really take you above and beyond as a marketer!  You’ll become a marketing all-rounder, and an asset to any team that you join.

The Careers Events

It’s Your Career

We like our careers events with a difference – hear from people at all stages of their career, and from people who can give you specific advice.

Our careers event will begin with a panel talk and discussion, from marketing professionals, recruiters, and people from different sectors of the marketing world. This is a great time to get lots of different insight into the world of marketing.

After the panel, our speakers will break off into separate spaces – enabling you to have a personal conversation with the speakers you feel you can get the most from. You’ll have plenty of time to get answers to all of your questions, and to speak to as many of our speakers as you’d like.

The Webinars

Crack Your CV

We’ve observed that often people have fantastic skills, but don’t know how to sell themselves or tailor their unique skills and capabilities to different opportunities. What would be the point in learning everything our workshops have to offer, if you can’t then use that to upgrade your CV, and get the marketing role you want?

In this webinar, one of our expert marketing tutors (who are all practitioners and hiring managers in their own right) will give you all of the skills and know-how to produce a stellar CV that’ll stand out for all the right reasons.

After this webinar, you’ll have the skills and knowledge to make your CV grab and hold the attention of recruiters and hiring managers everywhere.

The Optional Qualification

CIM Qualifications

After attending the workshops, you’ll have learned the essential knowledge to allow you (if you wish!) to sit and pass the CIM assessments for the Foundation Certificate in Professional Marketing, or the Professional Certificate in Marketing if you’re a little more experienced.

To gain a qualification, you’ll need to pass an exam and either one or two work-based assignments, depending on the qualification you may choose.

More information about the foundation certificate here, or the professional certificate here!

Find out for yourself!

Don’t just take our word for it, come to one of our interactive events and see for yourself how we do things at The Marketers’ Forum! During the session, you’ll be able to get some first-hand experience of the fun and excitement of a BIMP workshop. One of our 25 expert trainers will deliver an interactive masterclass on a key subject, from this you’ll learn some useful skills that you can immediately start using!

After the event, you’ll have time to ask as many questions as you’d like, whether that’s about in-depth programme details, if BIMP is right for you, what you’ll learn, BIMP level options, timing, workload, or anything else you might want to know.


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