• 7 Top Tips: Advance Your Marketing Career Now!

    I hate to break it to you but – there are no longer jobs for life. As technology progresses ever faster, jobs, professions, and industries inevitably become obsolete.  What does this mean for those of us already immersed in the marketing profession and for those who want to break in? Having worked with thousands of marketers […]

  • 3 unexpected benefits of CIM qualifications

    Last night we hosted our bi-annual Awards Night to celebrate the success of our customers who had completed their CIM qualifications. The Awards Night is always one of the highlights of my year.  After months of hard graft, CIM Certificate and Diploma students can at last relax and revel in their achievements. Their energy was […]

  • Top 3 Bets for B2B Marketing in 2018

    As we approach year-end marketers are scrambling to get to the finish line to ensure they’ve achieved their objectives for this year. The most significant question in everyone’s mind is what they should do differently in 2018 to drive higher revenue for their business and to continue to justify the marketing spend for the following […]

  • e Learning – pitfalls and misconceptions!

      I’m often asked by delegates considering a distance learning course about the disadvantages. As I see it, there are not ‘disadvantages’ but ‘pitfalls’ or ‘misconceptions’. In my opinion, there are the five key pitfalls when studying a distance learning course…. Thinking it’s ‘the easy option’! Some believe that studying via distance eLearning is the […]

  • Choosing your distance learning provider – 4 key questions to ask!

    Morag Foudy, Head of Courses, writes…… It fascinates me how candidates select a CIM Accredited Study Centre (ASC) when embarking on a distance learning course. There seems to be a common assumption that all study centres will provide the same type of experience when it comes to both materials and support. If you are considering […]

  • The Marketing Conundrum: Communicating to Generation Z!

    Charlotte Dennis, TMF tutor writes….. I’ve been spending a bit of time with the youth of today, as of late (blimey I sound like my grandmother). I started asking them to share their opinions on brands. How brands are built, what qualities they look for in brands and why they purchase brands? It has become […]

  • Balancing your CIM Professional Qualifications with a busy life – 5 Top Tips

    CIM professional qualifications are tough! Most candidates must balance a full-time job, their social life as well as their studies. Unlike a university degree, CIM qualifications are primarily a test of your professionalism rather than your academic prowess. Here are 5 top tips to ensure you achieve a top grade and live a normal life. 1       […]

  • Marketing Training – an economic barometer?

    If you believe the figures, the UK economy is holding up remarkably well, despite concerns about Brexit and the Trump election. However, we suspect the figures are misleading. I hate to be a harbinger of doom and I genuinely hope I am wrong, but we have seen similar signs before and the omens are not […]

  • Tesco & Booker?

    Annie Dawson, TMF tutor writes…… Well it’s the biggest new story in Grocery at the moment- so I guess it’s worth a few words… Wholesale has suddenly got hot…Tesco wants a slice.. I understand that the Competition and Markets Authority are currently considering whether the proposed deal is worthy of an investigation. It’s a £3.9bn […]

  • Before you row harder, check you are rowing in the right direction

    Before you row harder, check you are rowing in the right direction Digital Marketing Strategy: An integrated approach to online marketing by Simon Kingsnorth Reviewed by Sarah Alder, Digital Marketing Consultant, Recommended read for marketers wanting to take their digital marketing practice to a more strategic level. If you are running your own business […]