• Students regret university - prefer starting career in marketing

    New research provides a stark warning to universities

    A research report of 100 HR managers and 100 marketing managers commissioned by The Marketers’ Forum found that 53% of participants agreed that entrants to the job market would be better or equally well off pursuing professional qualifications and work experience rather than going to university to pursue a degree in an academic subject. Moreover, […]

  • What is marketing

    What Is (& Isn’t) Marketing?

    Malcolm Johnston writes….. Marketing is like an iceberg, where a small proportion of the output from analysis and planning is visible to all and that visible bit is known to marketers as the promotional mix. Yet, maybe because this element (which includes PR, direct mail and advertising) tends to be the most expensive bit of […]

  • Great CIM and CAM Resulits for The Marketers' Forum Students

    Outstanding CIM & CAM Results!

    At The Marketers’ Forum, we have been waiting with baited breath for the CIM results, particularly for the new syllabus, which are announced today.   Well, it was worth the wait…. they are fantastic and we all very proud! On our part time courses, we achieved outstanding results on the following modules: Marketing Principles (Foundation) 100% […]

  • CIM Debate – The Future Of Creatives!

    Last week I was offered the opportunity to attend a House of Common’s Debating Group session on the future of marketing. The motion for the debate was – marketing functions will become dominated by data scientists with creatives in the minority. Going into the debate my initial views were that I would vote against this […]

  • Marketing ostriches

    Far too many marketers keep their heads buried in sand when it comes to one key discipline – finance. This ostrich like mentality is understandable, but to achieve significant career progress, marketers must get braver and face up to reality. Who says finance is a key discipline for marketers? Not just me it seems. Leading […]

  • Great Brand Blunders

    The Worst Marketing and Social Media Meltdowns of All Time and How to Avoid Your Own By Rob Gray Published by Crimson Books, £12.99, also available for Kindle. Reviewed by Sarah Alder “Shame lies not in failing, but in failing to learn from failure.” Is how Rob Gray, long time PR writer, concludes this […]

  • New CIM Syllabus Review

    Getting to grips with the new CIM Syllabus Since the summer of 2013, CIM have undertaken the most extensive research project to underpin their new syllabus for Professional Certificate and Professional Diploma levels. Having had time to digest the proposed new structure, content and assessment methodology, we believe that CIM has made a major step […]

  • Have you considered studying on a Saturday?

    Have you thought about studying on a Saturday before? Our weekend courses entail 18 hours face to face teaching per module, spread over 3 Saturdays between 10am – 4pm (usually every other Saturday). Feedback from both tutors and delegates is always very positive. Here are a few reasons why you might want to consider joining […]

  • Congratulations to our New CIM and CAM Graduates!

    We have gained some fantastic grades in CIM’s latest results release from the Dec 13 exam board, not least of all that 41% off all TMF delegates achieved either an A or a B grade! Overall we were 19% above CIM’s global average and had standout performances on the Digital Marketing Essentials unit on the […]

  • A Review of Daniel Rowles’ Mobile Marketing Book

    A review of ‘Mobile Marketing: How mobile technology is revolutionizing marketing, communications and advertising’ by Daniel Rowles – recommended reading if you are starting out in digital marketing, or you want to get to grips with the rapidly changing mobile marketing environment. Reviewed by Sarah Alder, Digital Marketing Consultant, January 2014 What does Daniel Rowles like? […]