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CIM4M: Marketing

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This module is about recognising the importance of marketing’s role in driving success and delivering results. It provides the knowledge and understanding of the function of marketing within the organisation and demonstrates how an appreciation of customer behaviour can enable effective targeting. It outlines an understanding of how external environmental influences affect planning and how information enables decision making. It outlines the elements of the marketing mix and how these are applied to address market and customer needs.


The marketing concept
? Understand the role and function of marketing
? Understand what influences customer behaviour

Analysis and insight
? Identify factors and trends in the marketing environment and how they affect marketing planning
? Identify options for gathering relevant marketing information

Marketing mix
? Know the elements of the marketing mix
? Apply and adapt the marketing mix to satisfy customer needs


? Marketing Planning Process
? Customer Journey
? Macro Analysis
? Micro (Task Environment)
? Internal Environment
? Primary data collection
? Secondary data collection
? Insights
? Marketing Mix

Duration (in days)