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CIM Chartered Professional Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing

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If your aim is to provide the best strategic direction at a senior level within your organisation, then the Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing is course to help you do just that.  You will be completing one of you final step in becoming a Chartered Marketer.  

Would this course suit you?

With at least 6 years working at Senior Marketing Management level, you will also hold the Professional Diploma (or CIM Advanced Certificate in Marketing)  or a business/marketing Bachelor's or Master's degree to join this course.

What will I learn?

By the end of this course, you should be able to analyse your environment for emerging themes which will impact on your industry and organisation, undertake strategic marketing audits and identity the implications for your organisation.  You will be able to gain competitive advantage through leadership and marketing planning and develop your organisation’s corporate reputation allowing you organisation to be seen as it wants to be seen by its stakeholders!

Qualification Content

Emerging Themes

Assessed by a workbased assignment of 3,500 words, topic include:

  • Evaluation of a range of key emerging macro-environmental themes
  • Critical assessment of significance for specific industry sector or industry
  • Proposal of strategic marketing responses to key emerging themes
  • Appreciation and application of contemporary marketing practice


Analysis and Decision

Assessed by a 3 hour written exam, topics include:

  • Undertaking a strategic marketing audit to assess the impact on an organisation’s strategic intent and direction
  • Utilise the strategic marketing audit to critically evaluate a range of strategic marketing options
  • Utilise a range of financial and other measurement tools to assess the financial and non-financial benefits of recommended strategic marketing decisions
  • Utilise a range of risk assessment tools


Marketing, Leadership and Planning

Assessed by a work based assignment of 8,000 words, topics include:

  • Delivering an organisation’s corporate mission and vision effectively
  • Develop marketing strategies to establish competitive and sustainable marketing and relationship strategies to achieve an organisation’s strategic intent and deliver its value proposition.
  • Utilising a synergistic planning processes, develop strategic plans, taking account of different planning frameworks, ensuring they are within the resource capabilities of an organisation.
  • Determine the most appropriate organisational structures for market-oriented and/or changing organisations, whilst evaluating the resource implications and requirements
  • Develop sustainable competitive advantage through suitable approaches to leadership and innovation in order to generate stakeholder value and contribute to organisational success


Managing the Corporate Reputation

Assessed by a work based assignment of 4,000 words, topics include:

  • Evaluating the way organisations develop their identities and how some organisations use these to form images and assign reputational status
  • Critically analyse the elements that contribute to the identity that an organisation projects to its stakeholders, sometimes through a corporate brand.
  • Critically evaluate linkage between how an organisation wants to be seen and how it is seen, namely corporate communications


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