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CIM7CC: Contemporary Challenges

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This is the first module of the new Marketing Leadership Programme.

You will be challenged to evaluate the major challenges to your chosen industry. Issues arising might include Brexit, new technology such as AR and VR or emerging markets.

You will then consider the implications for your chosen organisation before developing a strategic plan.

This module will open up new ways of thinking about your industry. You will look beyond your industry to consider transferability from other sectors to your own. You will challenge current business models and develop new ideas with like-minded professional marketers.


The module is for experienced marketers aspiring to work at a strategic marketing or management level or who need to back up their expertise or refresh their modern marketing knowledge. It is also for consultants looking for professional recognition and status whether working in large organisations or as independent business owners.

What's Included

5000 word report suitable for presentation at main board level.


Develop new strategies for your organisation

Become a pioneer in your industry sector


Part 1: Dynamic marketing environment

  • Critically analyse the changing dynamics of an organisation’s environment
  • Determine key business drivers for organisational success

Part 2 - Develop Creative Thinking

  • Evaluate the relevance of emerging marketing challenges to the organisation’s future direction
  • Critically assess the contribution of the challenges to the value creation of an organisation

Part 3 - Create insight, vision and direction

  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of how the organisation can develop a positive response to emerging challenges
  • Recommend resource-led innovative approaches to contemporary marketing challenges

Duration (in days)