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SC-FNF: Finance for Marketers & Non-Financiers

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Marketers are often intimidated by finance. Indeed poor financial acumen limits the careers of too many marketers. But this does not need to be the case. This unique two day course not only gives you core financial skills, perhaps more importantly, it will also give you added confidence.

Robust ongoing research drives the content for this course. Interviewing senior managers at a wide array of organisations including FMCG, agency, professional services, media, SMEs and charities, helps us identify key skills gaps.

This course addresses those skills gaps so that you can impress current and future employers.

Designed by both leading marketers and accountants, the programme is fun, engaging and stimulating. Rather than learning from bland case studies, you will create your own business from scratch. Under expert guidance and coaching, you will complete a series of tasks before finally pitching to a 'dragon's den' of investors.

This course will not teach you to become an accountant. It will however give you the confidence and skills to understand the rudiments of finance. You will be able to better communicate with accountants, bankers and senior management. Better still you will be able to ask more penetrating questions relating to finance!


Ideally you will have at least three years’ experience in marketing management.
  • Non-financial managers with budgeting responsibilities
  • Marketers wanting to make a greater impression at senior management and board levels
  • Marketers whose careers are being held back by poor financial skills

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Instruction Method

Ideally you will have at least three years experience in a management capacity.


You will work in teams to create new business from a choice of models - a consultancy, a coffee shop, a retail outlet.

This course will give you the confidence to:

  • Be more persuasive with senior management
  • Make more compelling business cases for your marketing / business plans
  • Ask more penetrating questions about the financial decisions of others
  • Read and understand Balance Sheets and Profit & Loss accounts
  • Assess financial health of any organisation

This course is limited to a maximum number of 16 delegates. Places will be available purely on a first comes, first served basis.


Over the course of the two-day programme, you will learn how …

  • To understand Overheads, Fixed costs and Direct costs for different organisation types
  • To understand Revenue streams and cash-flow
  • To understand, create and monitor effective Budgets
  • To understand and assess Balance Sheets, P&L accounts
  • To understand key financial ratios
  • To understand key tax issues - VAT, Corporation Tax



  • Role of finance in an organisation
  • Sources of finance
  • Business model types
  • Understanding Financial statements
  • Breakeven analysis
  • Cashflow forecasting
  • Budgets - setting and monitoring


  • Financial Statements - P&L, Balance Sheet
  • Ratios
  • Taxation

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2 days

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