Personal Career Consultation

  • We all find ourselves at various crossroads where the decisions we make change the directions of our lives for good (and sometimes bad).

    If you are facing a big decision about your marketing career or are simply worried about what you should be doing next, a career consultation will help you clarify your goals and options. You will feel more confident about the decisions you need to make.

    1       What is it?

    You meet with a highly experienced marketer to discuss your career.

    You will explore your career progress to date as well as your ambitions before developing a robust plan that really works!

    Whether you are at the start of your career, have reached a ‘cross-road’ or hit a glass-ceiling, these consultations will revitalise you.  You will learn powerful techniques that will open new opportunities for you to accelerate your career.

    2       How does it work?

    You start by completing a simple website form where you briefly outline your current position and your career goals.  We will then arrange for you to meet with one of our career coaches. Ideally you would meet face-to-face, but Skype or similar is very effective.

    During the initial free 60-minute session you will explore your goals and learn how to access the ‘closed’ job market.  You will learn key techniques that will give you the edge.

    By the end of the session, you will have a clear plan of action.

    3       Benefits

    You will:

    • Have clear focus and action plan
    • Have the confidence to go for it
    • Be re-energised

    4       Testimonials

    ‘Thank you for your time yesterday advising me on how to most effectively research, ethically network and seek out opportunities. Your insights into different agencies, future proofing and practical action points were so helpful and I also appreciated your comments on my CV.  It was an extremely helpful time and I’ll be undertaking the action points habitually.

    Mirander Kaymer

    My employers told me I was going to be made redundant in three months’ time. I was starting to panic when I met Quentin who provided me some superb guidance and advice. I rethought my goals and within a matter of weeks I had unearthed a raft of new opportunities. The process helped build my confidence and self-esteem. I start an exciting new role next week!

    Jim Foudy

    5       Coach Bios

    Quentin Crowe FCIM, MA

    As well as over 25 years marketing experience to main board director level in the Insurance and Education sectors, Quentin is also a qualified sports coach.  He is an advocate of the ‘GROW’ model developed by Sir John Whitmore. Trained by Lesley Kaye, Quentin has helped marketers (and non-marketers) at all stages of their careers.

    6       Cost?

    First consultation free.

    Subsequent sessions are £125 plus VAT

    7       What do I do?

    To book your first free session, complete the form below

    • E.g "before 10am Mon" or "any evening"