Philip Jarman

  • Philip Jarman - CLD

  • Course Level Director – CIM Diploma


    Jarman has 25 years marketing and communications experience and an MA in Marketing from Kingston University Business School. He has been lecturing on undergraduate, post-graduate and professional marketing, communications and business-related topics since 2010.

    Jarman began working in the defence and industrial sectors as a researcher and writer before moving to mainstream communications and marketing. The majority of his professional career has been in external consultancy through which he has worked for approximately 30 organisations ranging from internet start-ups to global brands. This experience encompasses both the B2C and B2B sectors.

    Jarman’s experience combines practical, ‘hands on’ multi-disciplinary marketing with scalable strategic planning – delivering skills that are useful and relevant both in the day-to-day workplace and in shaping the future growth of products, brands and organisations.