Stephen Humphrey

  • Stephen Humphrey

  • CIM Postgraduate Diploma Tutor

    Stephen’s working background and traditional practice has been in the field of engineering, telecommunications and entertainment.

    These-days and having played his role in strategic management and strategic marketing development, he focuses on integration and development of cross-discipline ideas as part of his research an current coaching, mentoring and educational practice. Stephen brings the mad-professor element to TMF, the slightly geeky individual who continues developing ideas in the field of science but also linking and synthesising these with his knowledge of marketing, management and engineering.

    His studies in Renewable Energy development and management with Cranfield University, England, bring together marketing, engineering and economics. In addition, his reading within economics and marketing for his PhD with KTH, University of Technology, Sweden, couples ideas related to neuro-marketing and artificial intelligence, highlighting the functional interface between marketers, marketing, consumers and technology. Stephen’s work takes him to Singapore, France and London delivering training, education, talks and good old fashioned consultancy activity.

    Outside of that thing we call work, Stephen enjoys sailing and boating and keeping up to date with the latest movie releases, having attended the BAFTAs before and worked as a trained croupier, he appreciates why we should all go to Vegas, just once!